Netgear Orbi Light Colors

Netgear Orbi devices are built with two LEDs on them. Both Orbi devices i.e. router and satellite, have a Power LED and a Ring LED. These LEDs specify the current status of the Orbi devices. At times, you may see Orbi purple light, while in some instances, you will notice Orbi router blinking white. This web page will walk you through various Orbi light colors that you would see on the LEDs of their Orbi devices and what do they mean. We have also shed light on troubleshooting steps that you can follow in case you see an unusual behavior of lights on your devices.

What Does Orbi Light Colors Mean?

The following tables illustrate various colors and meaning of the Power and Ring LEDs of the Orbi router and satellite:

Orbi Router and Satellite Power LEDs

LED Color Meaning
Solid Green The Orbi device is powered on
Solid Amber Orbi router or satellite is rebooting
Pulsing Red Your device needs troubleshooting
Pulsing Amber Reset the Orbi device to factory settings

Orbi Router Ring LED

LED Color Meaning
Solid White The Orbi router is powering up
Blinking White The router is in factory settings or applying a configuration or updating the firmware
Off The router is working fine
Blinking Pink Either the WAN port is down, or it is unable to get an IP address from ISP or modem, or it cannot connect to the internet
Blinking Pink and Blue The internet connection is blocked as it breached a preassigned limit

Orbi Satellite Ring LED

LED Color Meaning
Solid White The Orbi satellite is powering up
Blinking White The satellite is in default settings or applying a configuration on it or the firmware is getting updated
Off The Orbi satellite works normally
Solid Pink It can’t connect to the router or can not obtain the IP address
Pulsing Pink The satellite attempts to connect to the router. If it is for more than one minute then the satellite lost connection to the router
Solid Blue The connection between the router and satellite is very good if the LED is solid blue for 90-180 secs
Solid Amber The connection between the router and satellite is not so good when the ring LED is solid amber for 90-180 secs

You are now well aware of Orbi satellite colors as well as Orbi router colors. Let us now discuss some unusual or odd behavior of the Orbi LEDs. The troubleshooting steps have also been discussed along. You can follow them in case you are stuck with the issue:

Orbi Router Purple Light: Meaning

FYI, some users refer to this as Orbi pink light. Pink or purple, both imply the same. Seeing an Orbi purple light on the ring LED of the router can be due to one of the following causes:

  • The router cannot connect to the internet,
  • WAN port is down, or
  • The Orbi router cannot get the IP address from ISP or modem.
Orbi Router Purple Light

How to Fix Orbi Purple Light?

  • The router might be affected by a software glitch and thus can’t connect to the internet. Performing a reboot will be helpful. After rebooting the router, see if the Orbi pink light has gone or not.
  • Verify if there is an Ethernet connection issue between the Orbi router and modem. A faulty connection between the two is also the cause of the Orbi router purple color.
  • If the WAN port is down, then try to use an alternative port on the modem to connect it to the Orbi router. Also, check the coaxial cable that is connected to the modem.
  • You can also try contacting your ISP to help you resolve this issue. There might be some issues from his end like IP conflict which is why you see Orbi pink light.
  • Resetting the Orbi router will be the final resort in case no other hack works in fixing this issue. To reset your Orbi router, you need to press the Reset hole present on it using a paper clip for a minimum of 10 seconds.

Once done, set it up again from the very beginning and you are all set to use its WiFi.

Fix Orbi Purple Light

Orbi Satellite Colors: Troubleshooting

You will see either a pulsing Orbi pink light or solid pink light on the ring of the satellite.

Solid Pink Light

This implies the satellite cannot obtain an IP address from the router. Another possibility is that the Orbi satellite is having trouble connecting to the router. Connectivity issues between the router and satellite might appear if you do not know how to sync Orbi satellite to router.

Pulsing Pink Light

While you are trying to connect the Orbi satellite to the router for the first time, the ring light on the satellite will pulse in magenta color. This means that the satellite is trying to connect to the router. The pulsing Orbi pink light will go off after about a minute.

In case it keeps on blinking or pulsing pink for a longer than usual time, then either the satellite lost connection to the router or it can’t get an IP address from the router.

How to Fix Orbi Pink Light on Satellite?

  • Power cycle the Orbi satellite first.
  • If this does not help, then power cycle the entire home network.
  • Check the connection between the satellite and router.
  • Try connecting them using an Ethernet cable.
  • Bring the satellite closer to the router if they are connected wirelessly.
  • Try to sync them once again manually. Refer to the user manual to know how to sync Orbi satellite and router.
  • Update the firmware of your Orbi devices.

Orbi Router Blinking White: Resolved

When you see your Orbi router blinking white light, it means one of the following:

  • The router is in the factory default settings,
  • It is applying any configuration on it, or
  • The firmware is getting updated on the router.

If the Orbi router keeps on blinking for a longer period of time, then try this:

  • Reboot the Orbi router. Perhaps the firmware update got interrupted. Thus restarting it will be helpful.
  • In case the Orbi router blinking white continues to happen then reset the Orbi router to the factory settings.
  • Set it up once again and update its firmware.

Orbi Red Color: Meaning & Fixes

Let us now tell you about Orbi red light. Orbi router’s Power LED can at times show red color. This implies your device needs your attention right now. Here’s what you can try:

  • Check the power socket that is used to supply electricity to the router. If it is damaged, then use an alternative power outlet.
  • Also, verify its power adapter. It mustn’t be loose.
  • Ensure a consistent power supply to the router.
  • Restart the Orbi router by removing the power cable if the issue persists.
  • Resetting will be the final resort when no other hack worked.
Orbi Red Color

How to Fix Netgear Orbi Amber Light Issue?

We are going to address Orbi amber light now. When you are connecting the Orbi satellite to the router, the ring LED on the satellite will blink in pink color which is an indication that the devices are attempting to connect. Once the connection is made, if you see amber light on the ring LED of the satellite this means the connection between them is not so good. A solid blue light suggests a very good connection between them.

Try this to fix Orbi Amber Light:

  • Bring the satellite closer to the router. An excessive distance between them is the main cause why the connection is fair.
  • If feasible use an Ethernet cable to establish a wired backhaul connection between the router and the satellite.

The power LEDs on both the router and satellite should be solid green which means everything is perfect with the devices. The ring LEDs on the Orbi router and satellite should be solid white which means they are ready to be used. You can thus connect to their WiFi on various client devices across your home.

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